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What is aeroponics

What is aeroponics?

For those who have no clue at all about aeroponics, the simplest explanation is droplets of water being delivered by air to the root system. We will be dividing into two specific categories. Low-pressure aeroponics and high pressure aeroponics. The popular way to describe low-pressure aeroponics systems is called misting. The name says it all a gentle misting effect delivering much larger particles of water to the roots. We could easily categorize this technique as hydroponics. There are no substantial improvements in plant growth or overall harvest results. Misting systems set up includes low-pressure submersible water pumps combine with misting nozzles. Misting nozzles are most always made of plastic. Low-pressure aeroponics cannot truly be compared with high pressure aeroponics. The first major difference we will notice in setting up a high pressure I aeroponics system is the cost of the equipment to set up the project. Setting up a high-pressure aeroponics system will actually cost about 10 times more than a low-pressure system. Cost of the high-pressure water pump will set you back between 75 $300 and metal nozzles will cost around or between 50 and $300 depending on how many heads there are on the nozzles and the quality of the mental use in the fabrication of the nozzle. Of course all to bring needed for a high-pressure aeroponics system must be of high quality and very withstand constant high-pressure from the pumps. 



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