Canaponics Laboratories


Canaponics warranty information



1 years full warranty!   Unless stated otherwise in product description page.


Canaponics Laboratories offers a simple but effective warranty policy All products 1 year free replacement. Clients with defective component still under product warranty, must return the defective component to Canaponics Laboratories located at 315 Louis Bureau Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J1E 0A8  Canaponics Laboratories will re-ship a brand new unit as a replacement*

*New replacement components are protected under initial components 1year warranty and have no extending warranty unless extending warranty is purchase by client before end of initial 1 year warranty.

All security seals must be ‘’Intact’’ untouched in any way. Warranty number is printed on components barcodes. The return package must be adequate to insure no additional damage to component.

*broken security seals automatically voids any warranty offered with the component. Client is obligated in respect with the component's warranty, to protect all security seals during the initial 1 year free replacement product warranty. offers free replacement warranty. We beleive that the very best option for keeping client's trust and loyalty is to provide brand new replacement components witch will be covered by the remaining initial warranty period of 1 year. Extended warranty are availible for purchase from 1 to 5 years additional full free replacement warranty

Defective units are inspected, repaired, refurbished and offered for sale on eBay at

Refurbished components sold, are covered with our 1 year free replacement warranty.


Warranty number is printed on components barcodes. Each component processes a unique barcode number that contains product information. Year of construction, electric/electronic schematics etc. This information is only visible at Canaponics Laboratories internal systems

Definition of ‘’Component/s’’

Canaponics Laboratories uses the word ‘’component or components’’ in description of any mechanism, pumping, heating/cooling, electric and/or electronic apparatus build at Canaponics Laboratories.

ALL other products are NOT covered by our 1 year free replacement warranty policy

ALL products that contains liquid: Plant feminising solution, colloidal silver bottles ect... must be returned within 30 days or purchased date, unopened sealed and with security seal/s intact.