Canaponics Laboratories

Repeat cycle timers

For any aeroponic and many hydroponic systems can’t function without repeat cycle timers. High pressure aeroponics are considered the best and fastest way to grow, giving the maximum air to the root system and saving the most water of any other watering systems. Unfortunately it is the most expensive system to build. So buying the best repeat cycle timer is essential. Repeat cycle timers are using to deliver certain amount of minutes of water then a pause and the cycle repeat itself. Example of a water delivery schedule: 1 minute of water and 5 minutes of air and so on. Another use for repeat cycle timers is the lighting schedule. A repeat cycle timer control the desired amount of light time like 16, 18 or 24 hours ON or the most important 12 hours ON 12 hours OFF during the bloom process.

We offer a variety of specialize repeat cycle timers. For lights, CO2 and timed water delivery systems.