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Aeroponics Repeat cycle timer ART-96x60 single outlet Tiger timers

Model: ART-96x60 110-125v 60HZ Repeat cycle timer 96 x 1 minute
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Tiger timers repeat cycle timers

High quality and very tough mechanical timers. Aeroponics, CO2 or any other watering system

Model: ART-96x6

110-125v   60HZ

96 x 1 minute segments

1800 watts maximum rating

single grounded power outlet


Aeroponics 1 minute cycle mechanical timer with 96 segments of +/- 60 seconds* custom made in Canada by Canaponics Laboratories. 1 minute segment timers are essential for many types of water based systems. Perfect for high and low aeroponics, hydroponics including ebb & flow , dwc , drip , bubble systems and others.


Watering from the top and letting it drain out.

Drip irrigation and letting the water drain out.

Automated drip irrigation.

Manual reservoir system.

Automated reservoir system.

Aerated water system.

Wick system.

Automated wick system.

Manual flood system.

Automated flood system.


*Industry settings at 60. seconds (Laboratories conditions) Mechanical timers are made of plastic and are influenced by temperature and relative humidity = +/- 1.5 seconds


This component is design and tested in industrial settings and may have some minor scuffs marks and/or scratches. We often update our timers with better outlets, new sticker’s designs including colors. Your timer may be look slightly different as pictured but overall is the same top of the line mechanical timer!