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Repeat cycle timer 96 x 1 minute for cloning, aeroponics UK plug

UK model ART-96X6UK 220-240v 50HZ 220-240 16(2)A 3500 watts
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The very best repeat cycle timer on the market!

UK model ART-96X6UK  220-240v 50HZ       220-240  16(2)A  Max Power = 3500 watts


IF your not happy with your new Tiger timer, we will refund your return shipping cost!**

Works great for the cloning or seedling process.

NOT for North America ( US model please check our other auctions.)

1 years full free replacement policy

Tiger timers are high quality and very tough mechanical timers.


Aeroponics 1 minute cycle mechanical timer with 96 segments of +/- 60 seconds* custom made in Canada by Canaponics Laboratories.  


Great for high pressure pumps!