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Repeat cycle timer 60 sec x 96 Dutch plug 3500W Voltage: 220-240V (50Hz)

Heavy duty 1 minute repeat cycle timer.
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Repeat cycle timer

DE model ART-96X6DE  3500 watts  Voltage: 220-240V (50Hz)Voltage: 220-240V 16(2)A
Heavy duty 1 minute repeat cycle timer. Especially designed for high pressure aeroponic systems and works great for hydroponics and any other systems.  

This timer is the only true 1 minute repeat timer

For the professional who cares about results

Heavy duty 96 x +/- 60 seconds cycles 

Example of settings =  1 minute ON   5 minutes OFF  / 1 minute ON   10 minutes OFF  / 3 minutes ON   3 minutes OFF   etc

You can program any combinations of ON and OFF you need

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1 years full free replacement policy

IF your not happy with your new Tiger timer, we will refund your return shipping cost!**

Heavy duty timer for industrial, commercial and residential use

 ART-96X6DE  3500 watts  Voltage: 220-240V (50Hz)Voltage: 220-240V 16(2)A

Tiger timers are made tough and will work for many many years without missing a single beat!  It is recommended to respect the 1800 watts limit of the timer.

Tiger timers are equipped with magnetic motors and will NEVER burn out! 

**returned items must have all security seals and stickers un tampered. Removed, damaged or modified security seals and stickers voids the warranty.

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