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Led grow lights

With today’s technology, more and more grow rooms are equipped with led grow lights. Heat and huge electric bills are some of the inconvenient of using HID (High energy discharge) lights.

HIDs require ventilation to cool the bulb and evacuate the excess heat produced by the HIDs light bulbs and transformers. Another major difference between HIDs and led technology is the longevity.


HIDs systems require replacing the light bulbs often since they start losing lumens after about 2 or 3 harvests.

On the other hand led grow lights last for many years and liquid energy display (Led) lights and keep their watts/lumens ratio.


Canaponics offers the very best led grow lights systems for any type of indoor grow rooms. Professional grade for commercial or residential use. Les grow lights are the future in indoor agriculture. 

Many of our led grow lights come in a variety of color casings like white, black, red etc. You can also ask to upgrade to 5w diodes instead of 3w.

Thank you for checking out our led grow lights collections