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High pressure pump kit 100psi

+ power supply repeat cycle timer, pressure gauge
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KIT no: 21021TTPG

Professional grade 100 psi high pressure pump kit 
This kit includes:1 x 100-115psi high pressure pump AHP100 1 x AC/DC 12 volts adjustable power supply HPPS 12851 x 150psi quality water pressure gauge1 x 4 tip brass high pressure nozzle1 X Tiger timer professional repeat cycle timer  FREE!   (model for your country)
12 volts DC  work pressure 100 psi* =  Superior Diaphragm* = Superior Re-flux Valve
* = longer life cycle* = Heavy duty for continuous service. Average rated life cycle 1:min on/5:min off : 40000 to 50000 hrs)* = This high pressure pump is 60 watts 5L/hour The membrane is made of high quality rubber instead of the very low quality plastic membranes you find on most low cost pumps. We guaranty that this pump will never fail and leave you with catastrophic consequences.

Pump water input and output connections may vary from pictures.

Regular plastic Diaphragms crack over time and leaks causing over heating burning out the pump Our Diaphragms are made of high quality rubber. They will never crack, leak and over heat.  You can trust Canaponics AP-100 high pressure pump.


                                                           Backed by our 1 year free new replacement warranty!                                                                                                                       We refund the cost of the return shipping*        

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