Canaponics Laboratories

Indoor led grow lights 800 watts with with 4 channels dimmable Lumens:110000

Professional led grow lights 800
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Canaponics Laboratories 

Professional led grow lights  
SIRIUS series 800 
with 4 channels dimmable
Equipped with high quality optical lenses 

Engineered and optimized for

* Medical cannabis grow rooms

Size: 689x371x80mm

LED Qty: 200pcs

LED Chip: 3w and 5w Chip

Electric energy consumption:: 400w±10%

Lenses: 60 90 120 Degree

Voltage: AC100-240V

Warranty: 3 Years Warranty
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty
PROFESSIONAL LED GROW LIGHTS for indoor grow rooms Exclusive to Canaponics Laboratories 
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