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professional led grow lights and repeat cycle timers provides a dependable and stable water delivery system

Canaponics offers custom made hydroponic and aeroponic systems for residential indoor grow rooms. For 1 or 1000 pots our custom systems can do it all. Partial or fully automated system for growing medical cannabis in your own home safely!

Our professional led grow lights and repeat cycle timers provides a dependable and stable water delivery system. Very low maintenance and complete monitoring assures a safe and high quality harvest. 


The importance of a good repeat cycle timer.

repeat cycle timers for aeroponics and hydroponics


Any professional grow room must be equipped with a good repeat cycle timer. Used in a variety of water delivery system, repeat cycle timers control the time that water will be delivered to the root system. It’s a crucial part of the system and failure is not an option. Since nothing can last forever, we try to develop the perfect and longest lasting timers around.

For water delivery systems, Tiger timers are the pro’s choice. Dolphin timers, repeat cycle timer for Led or HID lighting systems are fast becoming popular, provided extra security to protect expensive lighting systems.

At Canaponics, time is of the upmost importance. Visit our repeat cycle timers section

Led grow lights on sale now!

Start building your grow room like a professional. The lighting system is a good way to start. Todays led technology is so advanced that they are now surpassing traditional HID lighting. Higher wattages converted to higher lumens but with less power consumption.

One great series of led grow lights is the Mercury series. Used in more grow rooms than any other series of high quality led grow lights. Apollo series is very close behind. Both have high quality lenses and diodes.

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Led grow lights

Repeat cycle timers for aeroponics, hydroponics or CO2 systems

On sale now!

Professional led grow lights

We are proud to announce the release of our professional led grow lights for commercial and residential indoor medical grow rooms. Made with top quality diodes and optical lenses, our led grow lights are designed and optimised for medical cannabis grow rooms. We can accommodate small or very large orders. Special discounts for large commercial grow rooms. Contact us for details.

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                              Professional led grow lights