Professional indoor grow systems made safe for the home


    Note on Canadian buyers:


According to the new Canadian federal law, effective August 24, 2016 patients holding a medical marijuana prescription can legally cultivate their medicine at home. Canaponics Laboratories offers safe cultivation systems that are not harmful for the property. Fast and discreet shipping worldwide.

Canaponics requires no proof of prescription for the purchase of equipment.                              Purchases made on are confidential.

Featured products

High pressure pump kit 100psi

+ power supply repeat cycle timer, pressure gauge

MERCURY 1000 led grow lights

Professional led grow lights 1000 watts

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Repeat cycle timer ART-96x60 Tiger timers for aeroponics, CO2

Model: ART-96x60 110-125v 60HZ Repeat cycle timer 96 x 1 minute

Rooting accelerator RootXpander for aeroponics

Amazing root accelerator high concentrated MUST be diluted ( 3.5ml for 10 liters Aeroponics, CO2 or any other watering system

Aeroponics High pressure pump AHP-100 100 psi

Professional 100 psi high pressure pump for high pressure aeroponics

Aeroponics Repeat cycle timer ART-96x60 single outlet Tiger timers

Model: ART-96x60 110-125v 60HZ Repeat cycle timer 96 x 1 minute

Professional high power led corn lamps Samsung SMD5630

PROFESSIONAL SAMSUNG SMD5630 LED LIGHTING Aeroponics indoor grow rooms

Exhaust fan system 115 CFM 80mm x 80mm with switch and power supply

Powerful exhaust fan system 115 CFM with switch and power supply 12 volts DC 80mm x 80mm
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